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Longarm Machine Quilting Services, Rental Option and complete Custom Quilt Making services are available.....
Harvest House Quilting offers long arm machine quilting services for all size quilts from baby to king.    We also offer long arm machine quilting rental - this is where you take a training class with me and learn to quilt your own tops on our machine.  To date we have trained over 265 folks in over 11 years to rent our machine to quilt their own projects.  We also offer full custom quilt making services for those not interested or able to make their own traditional or memory/T-shirt quilts.   Below is further information on all our services:

RENTAL OPTION:     Please note:  We are not offering classes to be trained to use/rent our "Sally" long arm at this time .... I will re-evaluate the class option in the future and will post updates at that time.......
To date we have trained over 265 ladies and men to rent our machine!   
"Sally" is our Gammill Classic Plus long arm machine and she loves to play with all of our trained renters!   This option is for those that want to complete their own quilts but don't have space or funds to own their own long arm machine..... we have covered both for you and we love to share our machine!   Below are our rental requirements:
CLASS - $25.00 - approx. 5 hours - immediately following your class you will have your first rental and will go home that first day with a completely quilted lap size project.   Class is mandatory prior to renting our machine - please feel free to call for further information or ask questions not covered.
ZIPPER SYSTEM - $27.99 plus tax  -  We attach our quilts to our machine's canvas leaders with a zipper system - your "renters" portion of the zipper system will last you many years of happy quilting when taken care of properly.   The zipper system makes for very fast application and removal - every one of our renters love the zipper system - no leaning over the machine and pinning, zip on and off you go.  
RENTAL FEES - Our hourly rental rate is $9.50 (minimum of one hour) with a $10.00 set up fee which covers thread, toys and tools that we have for "Sally" and any assistance you may need during your rental time.   We have been renting time on "Sally" for over 10 years and have only raised our hourly rate one time - we are very reasonably priced and have no intention to increase our price.   We have been renting far longer than any other longarm service that I am aware of - this gives our renters the opportunity to complete their own quilts at a very reasonable rate.   We love what we are able to share and look forward to many more years and renters to join our team.

MACHINE QUILTING SERVICES:   We offer machine quilting services for those of you not interested or able to quilt your projects.  We know you put a lot of love and money into your quilt projects and we want to be sure that they are handled properly and quilted in a beautiful overall design.   I do simple and dense overall edge to edge designs which you can choose or let me choose for you.   Batting is not included in the price - you can supply our own batting or purchase batting from us, we carry Pellon Legacy 80/20 with no scrim in 96" wide and 120" wide and also Hobbs 80/20 in queen or king in BLACK.    Machine Binding services are also available and can be discussed at time of service setup - if you are having me bind please provide the binding fabric and I will cut and sew it for you, which is included in the machine binding fees.    If we are not binding your quilt project you can ask for me to trim the quilt when quilting is completed..... this I do as a courtesy service upon request.

Backing and batting requirements - please be sure that the backing and batting you are providing for your quilt is 5" larger on all 4 sides than your quilt top.    Example:  quilt top measures 60" X 72" - - - backing and batting measure 70" X 82" - this will cover any shifting of quilt top and any irregularity on your piecing.   You certainly don't want to have to trim off quilt top because your backing was too small.

Quilt and backing preparation - please press your quilt top and backing fabric - if providing batting please place it in the dryer with a damp cloth for 5 minutes to get the bad wrinkles and folds out.

We price our overall design quilting by the size of your quilt and the density of the overall design used....  To calculate an estimate for a medium overall design you can multiply the width of the top by the length of the top and then multiply that by our square inch price....   for example:  
quilt measures 60" X 72" = 4,320 square inches X .02 cents per square inch = $86.40  

1.  Simple overall edge to edge design (meander, simple panto, etc.) -  .0175 cents per square inch
2.  Medium - Dense overall edge to edge design (pantos, etc.) -  .02 - .03 cents per square inch

I do not do custom quilting any longer because of time constraints and renters on "Sally" the long arm.  I knew someone that did custom but has moved out of state is no longer doing long arm quilting - sorry I'm not much help with a referral for custom quilting at this time.

CUSTOM QUILT MAKING SERVICES:  HHQ has been making custom quilts for customers for many years - we specialize in T-shirt and memory quilts.   All the T-shirt and memory quilts I do are one-of-a-kind designs, meaning the logos on shirts dictate the free form design I do (see sample below.)   We also create more traditional designs from quality cotton fabrics upon request.  

Depending on back-log we ask for 2 months, minimum, for T-shirt and memory quilts, as well as traditional designs - if we have a wait list it could be longer so please plan accordingly, we would hate to disappoint you with a needed time frame.
    Pricing depends on size and style of the quilt, please feel free to call for further details.  (815-609-5831)

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