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Quilts of Comfort is a charity program Harvest House Quilting started over 15 years ago when hurricane Katrina hit the gulf states.  Since then we have provided many quilts and pillowcases to our not previously known "family" members.  These folks  have been devastated by horrible hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires and we, in an effort to provide a little comfort, warmth and love provide them with quilts and pillowcases stitched by many wonderful volunteers.  

We do not want to ever forget those that have been hit hard with natural disasters.  Many, devastated with the fears of the disaster and the loss of everything from simple everyday pleasures to family and friend's lives need to know they are loved and not forgotten!   When and where we are needed we will try to get comfort to those folks.

The quilts we make are rag quilts from cotton fabrics - these are faster to produce without the need for large backings, quilting on the longarm and binding - each quilt is a one-of-a-kind because of the scrappy fabrics used to create.  The rag quilt makes it easier to get donations for our 10" matching squares and 9" squares of batting/flannel for the center of the sandwich blocks.   We make the quilts in three sizes, adult, kids and infant with fabrics suitable for ladies/girls, men/boys and little ones.   Each completed quilt is washed, dried and a quilt label is attached.  

The pillowcases are made slightly longer than standard cases so it holds a standard size pillow and leaves some room for personal items to be safely stored.    

At this time with Covid19 we are suspending our program and will take a look at it again when the pandemic is no longer an issue..... No sew in days and not taking any donations of fabric at this time - we have many quilts here that we will continue to distribute when needed with all necessary precautions.  Thank you for your sewing and fabric donations and time.....   be strong...  stay safe...  stay healthy...

2016-2017 School Year - Thompson Jr. High Student Volunteers
We would like to thank the Family Consumer Science, 7th and 8th grade students of Nancy Jansen from Thompson Jr. High in Oswego, IL. for the wonderful work the did in class making quilts for our program.  They did an awesome job and deserve recognition for their willingness and sewing skills supporting others less fortunate ...  Lets all thank these kids for their help!!!
Team A - Lexi, Imani, Damaris, JaNiya and Izaiah
Team B - Kevin, Michael, Angel, Alex and Thomas
Team C - Noelia, Tara, Joaquin, Kaitlyn and Tyonnah
Team D - Omar, Eli, Laura, Hannah, Evodie and Madii 


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