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Customer/Quilt Friend Comments and Testimonies

  • I just had to tell you thanks for providing your row pattern for free download. That was so nice of you and it’s a great row! So few shops are doing this so I wanted you to know how much it’s appreciated.    Sally M.   November 2015

  • OMG! The volleyball ornaments came today...they are unbelievable! More gorgeous than I imagined! Thank you so much and I'll be back! You guys ROCK!   Jamie XOXO - May 15, 2015

  • Thank you again for creating such a beautiful, unique and personal gift for us to give Jennifer.    Karen M.   (Aug. 2014)

  • Dear Colleen - This is long overdue... I wanted to tell you how much my daughter enjoyed her high school music t-shirt quilt.  She just left for college and she took it with her.  I brag about your work all the time now.  You are a gifted quilter and I can see how much love you put into each stitch.  You don't just sew a quilt, you create a masterpiece and I am honored to have one of you many beautiful quilts.  You bring joy and warmth everywhere you go.  Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and gift of quilting.  If you need a quilt, this is the woman to call!   Blessings the DiSandro family.

  • Hello Colleen - I purchased a "Wacker" from you at the Rising Sun Quiltfest several years ago... you are the topic of conversation, after I recommended your "Wacker" on Facebook's Quiltville's Open Forum  -  woohoo - hope many people order one!   I Love mine!   Hugs to you, and hope all is well.... Lorry

  • My friend and I were at your open house in August and I had a great time.  Your shop is great and fabrics are beautiful.  I loved the kits and we came home with several kits that I can't wait to get started onl  Hope to see you at some of the quilt shows coming up.  Lorraine R.

  • Hi, I bought one of your "Wackers" at the Shipshewana Quitl Show.  You had said to let you know how I liked it..... I do like it!   I was teased about buying it and what I paid for it, but it does work!   I came home and wacked a bunch of blocks that I had done previously and I wasn;t liking the way they were laying down.  After wacking them with the "Wacker" they lay down nicely.      Sincerely, Janene

  • Thanks so much for making my cactus flower in stained glass - I know I will love it!  Jan M.

  • John, thank you for making that beautiful one-of-a-kind glass plates for me!  I love it!   I can't believe how close you were able to make it to our guild logo pin.   I will treasure it always - what a great reminder of my time as President.  Thank you!  Julie K.

  • John, The oval masterpiece you created for our President was a wonderful success.  Everyone in the guild (Pride of the Prairie) loved it and of course I dropped huge hints about how I would like the next masterpiece!             Thanks again - Sandy P.

  • Colleen,  I hope I'm not becoming a pest, but I just had to share with you a fabulous use for your "Wacker".   I am putting piping and binding on a tiny quilt to donate to Ami Simm's Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  After I get piping and binding sewn to the quilt, I press the binding back to reveal the piping and poke the point of the iron into the corners to press those little miters.  Sometime I then flip the quilt over and press the binding to the back so it's easier to hand sew.... You can imagine there is a bit of bulk in the corners with the extra seam allowances of the piping and the cording too, so I "Wacked" em.  Oh, good gracious!!  I wish you could feel these corners.  I teach two binding classes and you can bet I'll be adding the "wacking" with the "Wacker".  Perhaps I should go back and "wack" every corner of every q2uilt I have!   Quilt on!           Susan Cleveland - owner of Pieces Be With You.....

  • I purchased a "Wacker" from you at the Houston International Quilt Festival.  I cannot thank you enough!  I have been whacking unruly seams for a long time with a tack hammer (which wasn't so great).  The "Wacker" is wonderful!!!   Linda K.

  • Hi, I was in Houston for the Internationa Quilt Fair and purchased several items from your booth, including the "Wacker"  I took it to a class at my local quilt shop here in West Australia, it was quite a hit!   Jenny D.

  • I met you at the quilt show and bought your "Wacker"  Turns out it's one of the best tools I have!  Of course, I use it in my quilting but I also use it sometimes in general sewing.  There;s times when I just want a seam allowance, etc. to lie flatter and the "Wacker" really does the trick.  Chris W.

  • Everyone who sees the quilt you custom made for us just raves over it!  I love it!!!  I sure do wish my Mom was here to see it.   She's have loved it and been so proud of you.   You gave me a wonderful gift in the quilt you made for Jimmy.  Lov Karen C.  New Jersey

  • Your shop is beautiful.... bright, friendly, very helpful and great fabric selections I don't see everywhere else!   Will be waiting for new class offerings.  Sue K.

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